Speech Therapy

Once approved by the ministry of public health our speech therapist will provide your loved ones with advanced speech therapy sessions based on best practice within the comfort of your hom. All our speech therapist will be highly qualified and licensed by the ministry of public health. They will provide specialised services in the evaluation and treatment of cognition/thinking skills, swallowing and communication skills. They will also help your loved ones adress their specific daily needs. many studies have shown that such sessions achieve better results if the patient received them with the comfort and familiarity of their own environment. Our practitioners will identify the risk associated with the decreased communication skill of your loved ones to prevent injury, falls or wind development; in addition, they will educate the family, caregiver or the nurse in charge towards providing better care for your loved ones.

Other Services

  • Nursing Services

    We will provide homes, companies ,schools and healthcare facilities with experienced licensed nurses.

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  • Care Giver Services

    Our qualified caregiver will provide grooming assistance, dressing assistance, walking assistance...

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  • Medical Services

    Our experienced licensed physicians will provide you with optimal care based on international best practice at home...

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  • Physiotherapy Services

    Once this service provision is approved by the ministry of Public health our licensed physiotherapist can ...

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